In Swiss Chinese School, you will learn more than just a Chinese language, but also about art and culture, cooking and painting.

Art Class



Special Online Class: reopen from May 2023!

Mrs.Wang Kai, our Expert Professor in teaching Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese painting is back online, our online programme is back since May 2023,

Her trip to Switzerland for site class is on preparation!

You could choose any class within the 30days, either in working days or weekend days. It is a prepaid class, please reserve your class and seats in advance.

Class information:

Class size: 2-3people/small class

Teaching module :Online teaching (Zoom,etc) in English (French subtitle possible)

Contact us for timetable and brochure.

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Some words of Prof. Kai WANG

Studying in calligraphy for 37 years and teaching Art Design at universities, calligraphy has become a natural way of thinking and visual enjoyment for me. I see the world by means of calligraphy. It guides me to understand the world and helps me to see the goods and face the difficulties of life.

I hope that my students, like me, are people who truly love calligraphy and traditional Chinese culture, who are willing to combine their spirits with their written works to fully experience, inherit and develop the art. We can all feel, tell stories, and write together.


Language Class


We are offering long term language classes in working days and weekends.

Class information:

Class Scheduling:

1)Intensive Daily Chinese Class- 20weeks for 1 Volume*.

2)Weekend Chinese Class- 20 weekends for 1 Volume* 

*There are 8 Volumes. One textbook equals 1 Volume.

 Class size: not more than 4people

Please contact us for timetable and brochures.


We are offering long term French language classes for Chinese students or professional newly in Switzerland. 

Class information: oral french, written French and preparation for related French exam/language certificates.

Class Scheduling:

1)Intensive Daily Class

2)Weekend  Class

Class size: not more than 4people or private class 

Please contact us for timetable and brochure.



Study Tour


“China Prospect” Studying Tour Program 

In this studying tour you will learn how to work with Chinese People effectively. Discover a number of the most important Chinese business practices, etiquette, and customs.

We also offer an on-site training class in corporates/organizations or business schools and international companies. 

Program information 

Program: two weeks or as per client’s request.

1) Business program: visit and interaction program in international Chinese companies, such as Alibaba group, Dji Drones, Huawei etc. 

2) International Students program: have exchange lessons in bilingual classes in Chinese international schools.


Contact us for more information.

Cooking Class


Join our “Asian Private Kitchen” Class to learn how to cook Asian dishes or to enjoy specially prepared Asian dishes. Our “chefs” come from different area of China/Asia, our lessons are suited for family cooking and cooking daily family meals.

Class Information:

Weekly monthly classes

  •  Materials are included
  • 1 cooking class is included

On site cooking class(customized)

  • On-site service (within Switzerland)
  • Cooking Menu customizable

Class size: not more than 6people.