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Our activies

International Class Tour

As an important part of our actives, Our Chinese Calligraphy and Painting teachers go every year to different countries to give classes to students, professionals and business groups:

  • Confucius Institute Summer Campus (Turin, Italy)
  • Manchester University Students Study China Summer Program (England, UK)
  • Rustic Pathways Summer Program (USA)
  • Freeman Foundation (Hawaii, USA)
  • Shanghai Diplomats’ Chinese Language Program (China)
  • Shanghai Summer School of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (China)
  • Special Expert Class in Swiss Chinese School (Switzerland)






Calligraphy Competitions (The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) 

Every year we will send our students’ works to some big calligraphy competitions, such as the competition organized by The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).  The students of our teachers have always won different awards and they are so proud of them.









Calligraphy Class for Kids

Teaching Chinese calligraphy to our Chinese local kids or international kids needs lots of trust and encouragement but it is so worth to do so.

We will have lessons in the classrooms, or bring the kids to parks or museums for a variety of environments. 

It is our mission to bring this traditional Chinese culture to the next generation.








Chinese Opera Mask

Opera Mask making is more than just mask painting, because in those Chinese traditional operas, the actors have to draw it directly onto their faces.

Different colors on the mask means different personalities or characters of the roles they are playing in the opera. What is the meaning of the different colors – black, white, red, purple, yellow, blue and green, for example?  There are lots stories and experiences we can share with you.